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Register of Deeds Office

Standard Document Requirements for Recording

In order for a document to be accepted for recording it must conform to standard format requirements of s. 59.43(2m). One may use a cover sheet and add title, return address (and PIN if required), to make the document conform. Certified copies are exempt from s.59.43(2m) but a cover sheet may be needed to record the document.

The standard requirements are as follows:

  • The upper right hand 3”x3” corner of the document must be completely blank for our official recording stamp.
  • The name and return address must be either (1) directly under the recording area, or (2) on the left side of the page and within the top 3 inches.
  • The parcel identifier number (PIN) must be placed directly under the return address. PIN must be valid and not missing any digits.
  • The title of the document must be within the top 3 inches of the page but not in the 3"x3" right corner left blank for our recording stamp.
  • The entire document must be legible and reproducible. s.59.43(2m)(b)(4).
  • The paper is white, standard weight, and letter or legal-sized.
  • All ink must be black or red. Signatures can be any color.
  • The top margin is a minimum of 1/2 inch for every page. Other margins are minimum of 1/4 inch.
  • The pages are not hinged or folded.
  • The legal description on the document refers to specific parcels of Dane County land.
  • Original signatures notarized or authenticated, print notary’s name in black ink if not shown on notary ink stamp. A valid notary expiration/commission date is required.
  • Proper fees accompanying the document.
  • Name of the document drafter must be clearly stated.
  • Wisconsin Real Estate Transfer Return receipt (completed and with proper fee and/or exemption #) if required.

The entire document must be legible except for: (1) company logo, (2) the loan number in the case of a mortgage, and (3) signatures need not be legible when the name is legibly printed in black next to the signature, or in the case of a notary, the name is legible on their black seal. In the case of maps that have been greatly reduced, a disclaimer may be used to direct the viewer to use for spatial information only and to ignore the illegible text.